Molecular Profiling of Aggressive Variant Urothelial Carcinoma


C Ramamurthy, D Arguello, F Anari, E Plimack, M Zibelman, P Ghatalia, EF Burgess, T Hogan , NA Dawson, R Hauke, JB Aragon-Ching, D Vaena, B Somer, E Heath, D Geynisman


  • The WHO recognizes multiple variant histologies of urothelial carcinoma (vUC), many of which have been associated with poor outcomes compared with UC (UC).
  • Prior studies have identified molecular differences between variant vUC and UC through targeted techniques, for example, HER2 gene amplification in micropapillary histology or CDH1 loss is plasmacytoid histology.
  • We aimed to explore molecular differences between aggressive vUC and UC using multiplatform profiling.

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