Molecular Profiling in Gastric Cancer: Examining Potential Targets for Chemotherapy


John T Miura, MD Thejus Jayakrishnan, MBBS Dan Eastwood, MS Fabian M Johnston, MD, MHS Susan Tsai, MD, MHS Kathleen K. Christians, MD Kiran K Turaga, MD, MPH T Clark Gamblin, MD, MS

Background: Current NCCN guidelines recommend perioperative epirubicin (E), cisplatin (C), and 5-fluorouracil (F) along with other triple agent derivations as first line therapeutic approaches for operable gastric adenocarcinoma (GC). In this study, we utilized molecular profiling to evaluate expression of chemotherapy targeted biomarkers associated with ECF therapy and other first line cytotoxic regimens for gastric cancer.

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