Molecular profile comparison of endometrial, renal and ovarian clear cell carcinoma Is it the same disease at different sites


Robert Debernardo, Haider Mahdi, Kenneth Russell, Joanne Xiu, Sherri Z. Millis, Sandeep K. Reddy, Michael Friedlander

Background: Clear cell carcinomas (CCC) are histologically similar, however their clinical course varies widely based on the organ of origin. Clear cell uterine carcinoma (CCUC) accounts for approximately 5% of endometrial carcinomas and exhibit aggressive clinical behavior with poor outcomes. Clear cell ovarian cancers (CCOCs) are a subtype of epithelial ovarian cancers that are chemo-resistant with a poorer prognosis than other subtypes. 70% of renal cell carcinomas are clear cell (CCRCs), and respond to TKIs and mTOR inhibitors. It’s unknown if these CCC rely on similar molecular pathways. Tumor profiling was used to identify subsets of CCC that may benefit from different therapies.

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