Molecular evaluation of immunogenicity and genomic alterations in invasive lobular breast cancer


Upama Giri, Tatiana Karadimitriou, Joanne Xiu, Sofi Castanon, FolusoAcequia, Paula Pohlmann, Elias Obeid, JasgitSachdev, NeelimaDenluluri, Antoinette Tan, Elisa Krill Jackson, Michael Simon, Lee Schwartzberg, W. Michael Korn, Evanthia T. Roussos Torres


  • PD-L1 expression in immune cells was lower in ILC, however ILC was associated with significantly higher TMB.
  • Immune cell profiling supports a cold or less immunogenic TME for ILC.
  • ILC with high TMB was associated with significantly higher genomic alterations, some of these could be potential biomarker to predict response to immune therapy. This needs further investigation in large studies.
  • A composite immune biomarker may be able to better characterize immunogenicity of ILC.

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