Molecular characteristics and clinical outcomes of breast cancer with HRAS mutations


Samuel Kareff, Estelamari Rodriguez, Richa Dawar, Asaad Trabolsi, Jesus Antonio Ocejo Gallegos, Jun Yin, Phillip Walker, Irene Kang, Matias A. Bustos, Josh Neman, Dave S Hoon, Stephanie L. Graff, David Spetzler, Gilberto Lopes


• Alterations in the RAS pathway are linked to tumorigenesis

• RAS alterations are currently under-studied in breast cancer (BC) compared to other solid tumors

• HRAS can be indirectly targeted with tipifarnib, a farnesyltransferase inhibitor

• We aimed to characterize the molecular characteristics and understand clinical outcomes of BC with HRAS mutations (HRASmut)

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