Molecular and immunologic characterization of HRAS mutations in a cohort of 6,329 patients with cutaneous melanoma


Leonel Hernandez-Aya1, Estelamari Rodriguez1, Aparna Nallagangula1, Jun Yin2, Phillip Walker2, Joanne Xiu2, Justin Moser3, Gino K. In4, David Spetzler2, Geoffery T. Gibney5, Matthew Oberley2, Thuy Phung6, Michael Atkins6, Dave S. Hoon7, Wolfgang Michael Korn2, Jose Lutzky1, Gilberto Lopes1.


Activation in RAS pathway has been associated with cancer development. The oncogenes of RAS family (NRAS, KRAS and HRAS) are frequently mutated across various cancer types, where NRAS mutations are present in 15-20% of melanomas. NRAS-mutant melanomas (NRASm) have been extensively characterized. However, molecular and clinical implications of HRAS mutations (HRASm) in melanoma are less well understood.

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