Molecular abnormalities of 17 types of gastrointestinal cancer in an international cohort of 11,324 patients


Gargi D Basu1, Zoran Gatalica1, Anatole Ghazalpour1, Wangjuh Chen1, Sherri Z Millis1, Fadi Braiteh2

Background: Gastrointestinal cancers (GICs) are classified based on both organ and tissueof origin, but might be better classified based on their molecular profile. We performed a multiplatform biomarker analysis of the main 17 types of GICs to identify molecular abnormalities and their associations.

Methods: We analyzed 14,207 cases of GIC (96% from USA) using gene sequencing (up to 44 different
genes, Sanger, NGS), protein expression by immunohistochemistry (up to 28 gene products) and gene
amplification by CISH or FISH.

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