Metabolic profile and therapeutic vulnerabilities of multi-omic characterization of KRAS/STK11/KEAP1 co-mutant non–small cell lung cancer NSCLC


Triparna Sen, Utsav Sen, Charles Coleman, Andrew Elliott, Dan Hasson, Ari Vanderwalde, Patrick Ma, Nishant Gandhi, Balazs Halmos


  • KRAS-mutant NSCLC with co-occurring loss-of-function mutations in STK11 and KEAP1 are remarkably aggressive, have poor prognosis (Figure. 1) and unresponsive to chemo- and immunotherapy.
  • Novel therapeutic strategies are urgently needed to improve outcomes for patients with KRAS/STK11/KEAP1 (KSK) co-mutant NSCLC.
  • We interrogated the transcriptomic landscape using a large real-world (RW) dataset of NSCLC to identify therapeutic vulnerabilities that may help guide treatment selections in KSK.
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