LMTK3 gene expression and the molecular landscape of colorectal cancer (CRC)


Lesly Torres-Gonzalez, Francesca Battaglin, Shivani Soni, Yasmine Baca, Joanne Xiu, Phillip Walker, Jae Ho Lo, Sandra Algaze, Priya Jayachandran, Pooja Mittal, Wu Zhang, Benjamin Adam Weinberg, Emil Lou, Anthony F. Shields, Richard M. Goldberg, John Marshall, Sanjay Goel, Justin Stebbing, Georgios Giamas, Heinz-Josef Lenz

Key Finding:

  • Analysis of 20,219 colorectal cancers found a strong association between LMTK3 gene expression and TME immune cell infiltration. Targeting LMTK3 could represent a novel therapeutic strategy in selected CRC subgroups.
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