Identification and characterization of immunogenic neoantigens in colorectal cancer (CRC)


Francesca Battaglin, Andrew Elliott, Joanne Xiu, Sandra Algaze, Jingyuan Wang, Priya Jayachandran, Shivani Soni, Karam Ashouri, Alexandra Wong, Pooja Mittal, Jae Ho Lo, Lesly Torres-Gonzalez, Wu Zhang, Benjamin Adam Weinberg, Anthony F. Shields, Richard M. Goldberg, John Marshall, Emil Lou, Heinz-Josef Lenz

Key Finding:

  • In one of the largest studies to investigate the landscape of immunogenic neoantigens in CRC to date, candidate recurrent peptides with high HLA binding affinity and associated with a positive T cell inflammation signature (TIS) were identified, supporting the role of neoantigens as potential cancer immunotherapy targets.
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