HER2 alterations and prognostic implications in all subtypes of breast cancer


Kaitlyn O’Keefe, Andrew Elliott, Chad Livasy, Meghan Steiner, Irene Kang, Dave S. B. Hoon, Wolfgang Michael Korn, Phillip Walker, Milan Radovich, Paula R Pohlmann, Sandra M. Swain, Antoinette R. Tan, Arielle Lutterman Heeke


Effective treatment options for SCLC remain limited and new treatment approaches are needed to improve outcome. We sought to validate the initial observation in cell lines and limited tissue samples of SCLC of a differential expression of cancer/testis (CT) antigens and TACSD2 gene that encodes surface protein, Trop2 across various subtypes of SCLC. We also tested whether overall surfaceome profile as previously described in other tumor types will show hierarchical priority of expression between transcriptionally defined SCLC subtypes.

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