GW182 Associates With Circulating Microvesicles in Human Plasma


Kirk M. Brown, Meredith P. Millis, Shannon E. Smith, Kim Yeatts, Jason Zhong, Adam Stark, Yuka Kojima, Julie Garcia, Gerri OrCz, Raakhee Vijayaraghavan, David B. Spetzler

To date, microRNAs (miRNAs) in human plasma have been discovered within circulating microvesicles (cMV), bound to Argonaute 2 and associated with HDL and LDL microvesicles. The protein GW182 shares an association with both mulCvesicular bodies and the Argonaute family of proteins. GW182 has the capacity to bind all human Argonaute proteins (1-4) and their associated miRs. In the cell, GW182 is associated with the membrane of multivesicular bodies and has the ability to congregate Argonaute-loaded RISC complexes. In addition, GW182 has been observed on the surface of
purified exosomes.

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