Gene expression of NANOG and NANOGP8 in colorectal cancer


Jingyuan Wang1, Natsuko Kawanishi1, Priya Jayachandran1, Shivani Soni1, Wu Zhang1, Daniel Magee2, W. Michael Korn2, Heinz-Josef Lenz1Hiroyuki Arai1, Yasmine Baca2, Joanne Xiu2, Francesca Battaglin1, Jimmy J. Hwang3, John Marshall4, Richard M. Goldberg5, Benjamine Weinberg4, Davendra Sohal6, Emil Lou7, Michael J. Hall8


  • The cancer stem cell (CSC) possesses self-renewal and multilineage differentiation potential, and believed to be responsible for resistance to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy [1].
  • NANOG is a pluripotency transcription factor that serves as a signaling hub in maintaining CSCs [2-3].
  • Full-length NANOG protein is encoded by two paralogs of gene, namely NANOG1 (generally referred as NANOG) and NANOGP8 [4].
  • NANOG mediates immune evasion through NANOG/TCL1A/AKT and NANOG/LC3B/EGFR axes, contributing to immune resistant phenotype [5-7].
  • This study aimed to clarify molecular characters relating to gene expression levels of NANOG and NANOGP8 in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC).

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