Frequency and outcomes of co-mutations according to ProMisE classifiers in Endometrial Cancer


Michael D. Toboni1, Peter W. Ketch1, Harris Benjamin Krause2, Sharon Wu2, John J. Wallbillich3, Robert Morris3, Radhika Gogoi3, Matthew J. Oberley2, Jeff Hirst2, Nathaniel L. Jones4, Premal H. Thaker5, Matthew A. Powell5, Thomas J. Herzog6, Rouba Ali-Fehmi7


  • ProMisE criteria classifies four molecular subtypes of endometrial tumors (ET): DNA polymerase epsilon (POLE) mutated, mismatch repair deficient (MMRd), p53 wild type and mutant. There is limited understanding about prognosis when tumors have alterations in multiple classifiers.
  • We report the frequency and outcomes of multi-classifier tumors in addition to high-grade biomarkers (loss of heterozygosity [LOH] and cyclin E1 amplification [CCNE1-amp]).


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