Expression of androgen receptor splice variant AR-V7 in high grade serous ovarian cancer


Emily C MacArthur, Alison A. Garrett, Sharon Wu, Joanne Xiu, Jubilee Brown, Robert W. Holloway, Thomas J. Herzog, Premal H Thaker, Michael Korn, Madeleine Courtney-Brooks, Paniti Sukumvanich, Ronald Buckanovich, Robert P. Edwards, Haider Mahdi, Sarah E. Taylor, Jessica Berger, Alexander B. Olawaiye, Michelle Boisen, Lan G. Coffman, Nathaniel L Jones, Jamie Lesnock


  • Androgen receptors (AR) are expressed in up to 55% of ERα negative breast cancers overall and p to 35% of TNBC.
  • Similarly expressed rates are seen in high grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC).
  • Development of AR splice variants (AR SV) has been shown to be a mechanism of androgen resistance in breast and prostate cancers and a poor prognostic feature.
  • Specifically AR V7 splice variant is found in aggressive phenotypes of castration resistant prostate cancer marked by shorter PFS and OS.

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