Exploring molecular profiles of uterine carcinosarcoma with alterations in the chromatin remodeling pathway


Annelise M Wilhite, Sharon Wu, Joanne Xiu, Rodney Paul Rocconi, Britt Kristina Erickson, Tenley Klc, Jamie Lee Lesnock, Jubilee Brown, Thomas J. Herzog, Robert W. Holloway, Wolfgang Michael Korn, Matthew A. Powell, Nathaniel L. Jones

Background: In a preliminary data analysis to identify prognostic molecular biomarkers in uterine carcinosarcoma (UCS), we found that alterations in KMT2C, a gene involved in the chromatin remodeling pathway, correlated with improved survival. We sought to explore relevant biomarkers of KMT2C-mutated (KMT2C-mut) tumors compared to wildtype (KMT2C-wt) tumors.

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