Differential transcriptomic profiling of BCL2-related genes in primary tumor and metastatic sites of prostate cancer


B.A. Carneiro1, J. Yin2, L. Soliman1, A. De Souza1, D. Golijanin3, A. Mega1, P.C. Barata4, S. Gulati5, S. Wei6, D. Geynisman7, D. Magee2, W.M. Korn2, I. Abuali5, E. Heath8, C.J. Ryan9, P. Bertone1, W.S. El-Deiry1;


  • BCL2-related anti-apoptotic (BCL-2, BCL-XL, MCL-1, BCL2A1, BCL2L10) and pro-apoptotic proteins (BAX, BAD, BID, BAK-1) regulate cellular sensitivity to apoptosis stimuli 1.
  • Overexpression of BCL2 and resistance to apoptosis have been implicated in the development of androgen-independent PCa and disease progression, which has clinical relevance given several therapeutic strategies targeting this pathway 2,3.
  • This project aimed to characterize the transcriptomic profile of BCL2-related genes and investigate distinct sensitivity to apoptosis between primary prostate tumors (PT) and metastatic sites (MS).

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