Consensus Molecular Subtyping of Colorectal Cancer Demonstrates Cetuximab Benefit in Right sided CMS2 Tumors, and Pembrolizumab Benefit in MSS CMS1 Tumors


John Paul Shen, Joanne Xiu, Theodore Nicolaides, Jian Zhang, Saikat Chowdhury, W. Michael Korn, Kelsey Poorman, Heinz-Josef Lenz, John Marshall, Matthew Oberley, George Sledge, David Spetzler, Scott Kopetz


  • A Whole-Transcriptome-Sequencing based CMS classifier allows for investigation in a large real-world clinic-genomic database.
  • We found that MSS CMS1 CRC’s may derive benefit from immunotherapy.
  • Additionally, CMS2 subgroup of right-sided tumors may derive benefit from cetuximab.
  • Routine CMS subgrouping of CRC provides important treatment associations that should be further investigated.
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