Clinical Laboratory Experience of Gene Expression Profiling of 2,384 solid tumors


Matthew J. McGinniss, Anatole Ghazalpour, Melanie Hadlock, Julie Garcia, Nalaja Marcus, Yoshi Hosohata, Jelena Zarkovic, Dayanara Jacquin, Daniel Flood, Katie Wiste, Kristen Swetel, Brandon Toussaint, Lauren Teets, and Ryan P. Bender


Optimizing therapeutic selections for cancer patients using the molecular profile of their tumor is an unmet need. Currently, many providers use results of tumor profiling by platforms including IHC, FISH and mutational analyses to identify potential cancer treatments. Gene expression profiling with microarrays also has the potential to help classify solid tumor subtypes and assist with therapy selections based on the under or over-expression of particular transcripts.

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