Characterizing the Somatostatin Receptor 2 (SSTR2) expression and the Immune Landscape of Olfactory Neuroblastoma (ONB), Sinonasal Neuroendocrine Carcinoma (SNEC) and Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma (SNUC)


Dara Bracken-Clarke, Harris Krause, Nishant Gandhi, Alex Farrell, Heloisa Soares, Emil Lou, Minh Phan, Rusha Patel, Ari Vanderwalde, Nyall London, James L. Gulley, Charalampos S. Floudas

Key Findings:

  • In this real-world dataset, the highest expression of SSTR2 was found in ONB and EBV+ SNUC, suggesting a role for SSTR2-directed strategies.
  • Additionally, all EBV+ SNUCs were PD-L1+, immunogenic, and predominantly T-cell inflamed suggesting potential for immunotherapeutic strategies. For SNUC, validation of these results in additional cohorts is important.