Characterizing outcomes of biliary tract cancers BTC with β-catenin CTNNB1 alterations


Lydia D. Chow, Diana L. Hanna, Rituparna Ganguly, Yasmine Baca, Jonathan Pai, Ani Misirian, Sandra Algaze, Mehmet Akce, Philip Philip, Syma Iqbal, Rachna Shroff, Heinz Josef Lenz, Tanios Bekaii-Saab, Anthony El-Khoueiry


  • Aberrant Wnt/β-catenin activation has been implicated in tumor formation, progression in BTC.
  • CTNNB1 is a key transcriptional co-activator in canonical Wnt signaling.
  • The impact of CTNNB1 alterations on outcomes in intrahepatic (IHCC) vs extrahepatic (EHCC) vs gallbladder (GB) tumors and patterns of gene co-expression is unclear.
  • We examined the molecular correlates and predictive and prognostic significance of CTNNB1 alterations in a real-world cohort of patients (pts) with BTC.
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