Characterization of MCL-1 in patients with colorectal cancer (CRC): Expression, molecular profiles, and outcomes


Pooja Mittal, Francesca Battaglin, Yasmine Baca, Joanne Xiu, Alex Farrell, Shivani Soni, Jae Ho Lo, Lesly Torres-Gonzalez, Sandra Algaze, Priya Jayachandran, Karam Ashouri, Wu Zhang, Benjamin Weinberg, Emil Lou, Anthony Shields, Richard Goldberg, John Marshall, Sanjay Goel, Indrakant Singh, Heinz-Josef Lenz


Our data show a strong correlation between distinct immune biomarkers, TME cell infiltration and MCL-1 expression in CRC. Furthermore, increased tumor MCL 1 expression  improved patient prognosis and treatment outcomes.

These findings suggest a key clinical role for MCL-1 as an important modulator of anti-tumor immunity and TME and a potential biomarker in CRC.

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