Characterization of KRAS mutations in NSCLC


Stephen V. Liu, Ari M. Vanderwalde, Hirva Mamdani, Luis E. Raez, Yasmine Baca, Joanne Xiu, W. Michael Korn, Misako Nagasaka, Sachin Gopalkrishna Pai, Mark A. Socinski, Jorge J. Nieva, Chul Kim, Antoinette J. Wozniak, Chukwuemeka Ikpeazu Sr., Gilberto Lopes, Alexander I. Spira, Julia Judd, Edward S. Kim, Hossein Borghaei


KRAS mutations are relatively common in lung adenocarcinoma with KRAS G12C being the most common variant. • While overall adenocarcinoma carries higher prevalence of KRAS mutation, no significant difference in mutation types were seen. • TMB high (>10) was significantly different across KRAS mutation types. • KRAS G12C was associated with the highest rate of PD-L1 expression. • Different KRAS mutations have unique co-occurring mutations and a different genomic landscape. • The clinical relevance in the differences of KRAS mutations subtypes warrants further investigation in the context of therapeutic intervention.

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