Biological and prognostic relevance of epigenetic regulatory genes in high-grade gliomas (HGGs)


Sonikpreet Aulakh, Joanne Xiu, Pavel Brodskiy, Ekokobe Fonkem, Sourat Darabi, Michael J. Demeure, Soma Sengupta, Santosh Kesari, David M. Ashley, Ashley Love Sumrall, Michael J. Glantz, David Spetzler

Key Findings: 

  • In a cohort of 1856 high grade gliomas, 181 (9.8%) displayed mutations in chromatin remodeling genes. 
  • High grade gliomas with these mutations had lower expression of immune-related genes and a colder tumor microenvironment. 
  • Patients with high grade gliomas with chromatin remodeling gene mutations had a longer overall survival when treated with temozolomide versus patients without these mutations (33 months versus 22 months, HR: 0.713, 95% CI: 0.581-0.876). 
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