Association of interleukin-enhanced factor 2 (ILF2) expression with prognosis and clinico-genomic features in breast cancer (BC)


Matias Bustos, Jun Yin, Pavel Brodskiy, Irene Kang, Stephanie L. Graff, Sarah Sammons, Richa Dawar, David Spetzler, Dave S. B. Hoon


Novel prognostic and predictive biomarkers beyond traditional histological subtypes are needed to better inform outcomes and enhance therapy guidance in breast cancer (BC). We have previously reported that ILF2 was overexpressed in TNBC cell lines and has a functional role in DNA and RNA metabolism, making it a promising biomarker for risk assessment and
treatment decisions. Herein, we aim to leverage a large clinico-genomic dataset to further characterize ILF2 in BC patients (pts).

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