Angiogenic and T-effector Subgroups identified by Gene Expression Profiling (GEP) show propensities for PBRM1 and BAP1 alterations in Clear-Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC)


Pedro Barata, Shuchi Gulati, Andrew Elliott, Arpit Rao, Hans Hammers, David Quinn, Benjamin Gartrell, Matthew Zibelman, Shuanzeng Wei, Dan Geynisman, Tian Zhang, Sourat Darabi, Nancy Dawson, Ralph Hauke, Kelsey Poorman, Chadi Nabhan, Michael Korn, Charles J Ryan, Elisabeth Heath


Predictive biomarkers for optimal treatment selection in RCC are lacking. Gene expression data from
IMmotion151 and Javelin Renal 101 clinical trials generated anti-angiogenic and immune signatures that
warrant further validation. We aimed to describe the genomic and gene expression profiles in a multi-institutional database of patients with ccRCC, and its association with other biomarkers of interest.

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