Androgen receptor splice variant AR-V7 is unlikely a prognostic marker or therapeutic target in high grade serous ovarian cancer


Ben Wilson, MD1, Joanne Xiu, PhD2, Tiffany Redfern, MD1, Michael Ulm, MD1, Ramesh Narayanan, PhD3, Adam ElNaggar, MD1


Androgen receptors (AR) are expressed in up to 55% of ERα-negative breast cancers overall and up to 35% of those classified as TNBC. Similarly, AR is expressed in approximately 40% of high grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC). The development of AR splice variants (AR-SV), particularly AR-V7, has been shown to be a poor prognostic feature, and mechanism of androgen resistance in breast and prostate cancers. We sought to determine if AR-V7 was present in HGSOC and if there was a correlation with platinum sensitivity and/or treatment outcomes.

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