ADAPT Aptamer-based profiling of liquid biopsies to improve the accuracy of breast cancer diagnoses in women with dense breast tissue


Valeriy Domenyuk, Zhenyu Zhong, Jie Wang1, Adam Stark, Wangjuh Chen, Nianqing Xiao, Mark R. Miglarese, Michael Famulok, Günter Mayer, and David B. Spetzler


Breast cancer screening relies upon mammography, which is often uninformative for women with dense breast tissue. Routine screening identifies suspicious breast lesions in some women, but the pain and risk associated with follow-up biopsies along with the poor accuracy of traditional histopathology urgently call for improved approaches to breast cancer screening. This is especially important for those high-risk patients for whom mammography is of limited value. We describe a non-invasive liquid biopsy method of profiling plasma exosome preps designed to improve the accuracy and safety of breast cancer screening for women with dense breast tissue.

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