Introducing MI FOLFOXai – Powered by Caris MAI– Molecular Artificial Intelligence

MI FOLFOXai™, from Caris Life Sciences®, is an Artificial Intelligence-powered predictor of FOLFOX response that utilizes Caris Molecular Intelligence® tumor profiling results. It is intended to be used as an aid in gauging a patient’s likelihood to benefit from FOLFOX chemotherapy (in combination with bevacizumab) as the first-line chemotherapy regimen in metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma.

MI FOLFOXai™ is included for all metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma cases. The MI FOLFOXai™ results appear on the front page of the Caris report as INCREASED BENEFIT or DECREASED BENEFIT – with additional detail provided about the results on page two of the report. This information provides additional insight for patient response to FOLFOX as a first-line therapeutic option.

MI FOLFOXai™ was validated using two independent data sets:

  • 296 manually curated cases with real-world evidence (data acquired from insurance claims records, and electronic medical records and death registries)
    • Median Overall Survival improvement in the predicted increased benefit arm vs. decreased benefit arm: 11.8 months
  • 149 cases analyzed retrospectively from the randomized, prospective Phase III TRIBE2 study
    • Median Overall Survival Improvement in the predicted increased benefit arm vs. decreased benefit arm: 6.9 months

Patients predicted to have increased benefit to FOLFOX may achieve optimal results by receiving a FOLFOX regimen first in their chemotherapy sequencing plan. Patients predicted to have decreased benefit to FOLFOX may achieve results by receiving an alternate regimen, such as FOLFOXIRI or FOLFIRI, prior to the administration of a FOLFOX regimen.

Decisions on patient care and treatment must be based on the independent medical judgment of the treating physician, taking into consideration all available information concerning the patient’s condition.