The Caris Molecular Tumor Board provides oncologists with the opportunity to interact with cancer experts from across the country to review molecular information on their specific patient cases. This on-demand platform is an innovative, real-time approach to deciphering complex data and treatment decisions on difficult-to-treat cases. The efficiencies gained by working with the Caris Molecular Tumor Board allow oncologists to focus their efforts on what matters most – developing the most informed personalized treatment strategies for their patients.

Our platform facilitates asynchronous discussions to collaborate more efficiently on patient cases while providing:

  • Collaboration – specialists from different institutions working together to ensure the appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment options are being considered for your patients
  • Expert Review & Interpretation – streamlined process allows each patient case submitted to be personally evaluated and discussed by members of the Caris Molecular Tumor Board
  • Broad Review of Treatment Options – reviews beyond the standard of care therapies, with recommendations that could include FDA-approved treatments, clinical trials of matched targeted therapies, and additional tumor or germline genetic testing options
  • Accelerated Review Time – each patient case submitted is typically reviewed within 7 days
  • Virtual Platform – allows oncologists to post and review patient medical records and other patient data from different parts of the country while allowing their patients to be treated within their own community


How It Works