Clinical Trials​

Caris Life Sciences offers unique precision medicine services that are designed to maximize access to clinical trials and address many patient accrual challenges facing biopharma partners in the world of precision medicine.​

Caris Pharmatech: the right trial for the right patient – at the right time.

Caris Pharmatech’s™ clinical trial solutions improve the way physicians and patients connect with clinical trials by combining best-in-class tumor profiling, comprehensive clinical and molecular consulting to the physician, and Just-In-Time (JIT) clinical trial capabilities to deliver on-demand, patient-centric clinical trial solutions.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Services

We bring the trial to the patient. Along with an ever-growing research network,  Caris Pharmatech has the resources and infrastructure to allow the patient to receive alternative therapies administered by their original oncologist, without the need for travel or relocation.

We give the physician the resources necessary to make new drugs available to patients when, and where, they are needed … enhancing access to the latest and most promising treatments and clinical trials quickly – in days, not months.

Next-in-Line Services

Next-in-Line Clinical Trials allows physicians to clearly understand what clinical trial options could be available to them in the future, if patient need arises. Many oncologists are already preparing for the possibility of alternative therapy options while a patient is still on standard treatment. Caris Next-in-Line Clinical Trials gives a physician the option to access the Caris Trial Portfolio, including trials outside of those active at his or her institution. Using Caris’ rapid trial contracting process, trials can be activated for a physician’s organization in a matter of weeks…not months.

Our Clinical Trial Navigators are available to discuss the trial specifics, including validation criteria, to assist the physician in determining whether this trial is a good option for a specific patient. If the oncologist wishes to proceed, our trial activation team will facilitate IRB approvals, budgets, and any other necessary activities in order to make the trial available to physician and patient.

I am always thinking…what if this therapy doesn’t work
What’s the next treatment option?”
Oncologist from Miami, FL​

Clinical Trial Navigators

Our Clinical Trial Navigator (CTN) team utilizes proprietary software to automatically match patients to trials within the Caris trial portfolio based on the patient’s molecular profile. Once alerted, the CTN proactively notifies the treating oncologist and is prepared to discuss trial specifics, such as:

  • Options for activating the trial at the patient’s treatment site
  • Nearby trial sites
  • Inclusion criteria
  • Exclusion criteria

For patients on standard therapies, oncologists can schedule a reminder for a future date when a clinical trial may be a valid therapeutic option. Because patients are at the center of everything we do, our CTN team is here to help physicians more efficiently screen, qualify and coordinate trial enrollment activities.


Clinical Trials Connector™

Caris’ MI Profile™ Report delivers high impact results, including potentially relevant, actionable clinical trial information in an easy-to-interpret format. Every report includes access to the MI Portal and the Caris Molecular Intelligence® Clinical Trials Connector, which matches each patient’s unique biomarker expression profile to open, and pertinent, clinical trial opportunities.

The Clinical Trials Connector allows clinicians to quickly identify and review clinical trial opportunities in real-time that are matched based on the results for each patient. When viewed through MI Portal, the Clinical Trials Connector becomes fully interactive through customizable search and side-by-side comparisons.

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