Caris Life Sciences Showcases Results from Novel Machine Learning Approach to Classify Cancer by Molecular Signatures

Caris Next Generation Profiling™ enables a proprietary algorithm to accurately classify tumors, demonstrating improvement in cancer diagnosis
CHICAGO, Ill., June 1, 2019 – Caris Life Sciences®, a leading innovator in molecular science focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine, today presented a poster demonstrating how its advanced machine learning approach, Caris Next Generation Profiling™, enables a proprietary algorithm to molecularly classify tumor samples into cancer types. These results, presented at the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, showcase how analysis of large combined molecular and clinical datasets can improve diagnosis of challenging cases, which is expected to inform increasingly personalized and precise cancer treatments.
The poster, “Machine Learning Algorithm Analysis using a Commercial 592-gene NGS Panel to Accurately Predict Tumor Lineage for Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP),” was presented at this morning’s Developmental Therapeutics and Tumor Biology (Nonimmuno) Poster Session. Caris scientists detailed how Caris Next Generation Profiling™ identified molecular classifications for tumor samples with over 95% accuracy using next generation sequencing (NGS) data from 55,780 tumor patients. It generated an unequivocal result in the vast majority of cases of carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP), when there was ambiguity about tissue of origin.
The Caris Molecular Disease Classifier was developed using a subset of results from the company’s proprietary Caris Molecular Intelligence® platform. Caris Molecular Intelligence assesses DNA across a 592- DNA gene panel; gene fusions, RNA splice variants and gene expression through Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (WTS) via MI Transcriptome™; and protein via immunohistochemistry (IHC). The company’s proprietary technologies are helping clinicians better diagnose and treat their patients.
“The results of the two validation studies presented show how the Caris Molecular Disease Classifier aids in the identification of specific tumor types while also identifying the most appropriate treatment options,” said David Spetzler, M.S., Ph.D., MBA, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Caris Life Sciences. “Machine learning is generating clear, tangible results. And Caris’ unique combination of molecular profiling, proprietary technologies and vast database of clinical outcomes data will revolutionize cancer diagnosis and therapeutic guidance.”
Caris’ market-leading technologies and offerings are changing the oncology landscape, redefining cancer at the molecular level, and driving the development of new therapies and treatment modalities.
“Lack of definitive diagnosis poses a significant treatment dilemma for oncologists,” said Spetzler. “At Caris, we are committed to identifying, using and providing clinicians with molecular data to help transform cancer care. We have shown how a machine learning driven algorithm can help us understand non-linear relationships at the molecular level, and these findings will help us expedite cancer diagnosis and treatments tailored by molecular subtype.”
A complete list of Caris’ ASCO 2019 poster presentations are available on the company’s website: https://clsarchive.clsnet.intranet/news/caris-life-sciences-to-present-new-research-at-asco-2019/.
About Caris Life Sciences
Caris Life Sciences® is a leading innovator in molecular science focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine through quality and innovation. The company’s suite of market-leading molecular profiling offerings assess DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint that helps physicians and cancer patients make more precise and personalized treatment decisions. Caris is also advancing precision medicine with Next Generation Profiling™ that combines its innovative service offerings, Caris Molecular Intelligence® and ADAPT Biotargeting System™, with its proprietary artificial intelligence analytics engine, DEAN™, to analyze the whole exome, whole transcriptome and complete cancer proteome. This information, coupled with mature clinical outcomes on thousands of patients, provides unmatched molecular solutions for patients, physicians, payers and biopharmaceutical organizations. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Caris Life Sciences offers services throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and other international markets. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter (@CarisLS).
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