Caris Life Sciences Highlights Gene Expression Profiling Findings at 12th Annual International Congress of Human Genetics

Data Presented Shows Clinical Utility of Molecular Profiling Helping Physicians Select More Effective Therapeutic Treatments for Cancer Patients
IRVING, TX, October 14-15, 2011 — Caris Life Sciences™, Inc., a leading biosciences company focused on enabling precise and personalized healthcare through the highest quality molecular profiling, and blood-based diagnostic services, presented this week at the 12th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG). Caris presented clinical data that demonstrates microarray analysis is a reliable and robust method to perform gene expression profiling on routine solid tumor samples. The data provides further support for the quality and clinical utility of information generated by evidence-based molecular profiling services like Caris Target Now.
The study validated a commercially available microarray platform (Illumina whole genome DASL) with clinical tumor samples including FFPE, frozen tissues and RNA later preserved samples. Clinical laboratory findings based on gene expression profiling of 2,384 solid tumors showed that researchers were able to obtain relative gene expression profiles in patient tumor samples when compared to normal reference tissue samples.  All sample types yielded quality expression profiling results with a wide variety of tumor types.
“Optimizing therapeutic selections for cancer patients using the molecular profile of their individual tumor is satisfying a large unmet need in oncology,” said Dr. Matthew J. McGinniss, Director of Molecular Diagnostics and lead author of the study.  “At Caris, we are committed to advancing the current understanding of various biomarkers and the role of molecular diagnostics in cancer therapy. We are confident that the findings presented at the ICHG conference will continue to validate the clinical utility of the Caris Target Now Service which provides patient- and tumor-specific information for physicians to use in selecting the most effective cancer therapies for each patient.”
Caris Target Now is an evidence-based molecular profiling service that associates biomarker status in a patient’s tumor sample to proven therapeutic agents associated with specific tumor markers. The biomarker/drug associations are drawn from nearly 100,000 published clinical studies that are reviewed and graded by Caris’ evidence team of PhDs.  Caris Target Now then provides a consolidated report outlining a personalized list of treatment options, including those that may be more likely to elicit a response, as well as those likely to be ineffective.
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Caris Life Sciences, a leading biosciences company, specializes in the development and commercialization of the highest quality anatomic pathology, molecular profiling and blood-based diagnostic technologies, in the fields of oncology, dermatopathology, hematopathology, gastrointestinal pathology and urologic pathology. The company provides academic-caliber consultations for thousands of patients a day, through its industry-leading team of expert, subspecialty pathologists. Caris also offers advanced molecular analyses of patient samples through prognostic testing services and genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic profiling to assist physicians in their treatment of cancer. Currently, Caris is developing a series of blood tests utilizing the patented Carisome™ platform — a proprietary, blood-based testing technology for diagnosis, prognosis, and theranosis of cancer and other complex diseases. The company is headquartered in the Dallas metroplex, and operates laboratories at the headquarters, as well as in the Phoenix and Boston metro areas.
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