ADAPT Biotargeting System™ is a unique technology platform for unbiased profiling of the molecular composition of cells, tissues and circulating microvesicles/exosomes. With a library of 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1015) synthetically manufactured molecules that bind to diverse biological targets, the ADAPT Biotargeting System™ is able to simultaneously measure millions of molecular interactions within complex biological systems in their natural state(s). Sequential molecular library selections reveal unique disease associated biosignatures.

ADAPT Biotargeting System
Adapt Biotargeting System combines three disciplines to enable unprecedented advances in multiplexed molecular measurements

Characteristics of ADAPT Biotargeting System

  • Synthetic: highly controlled and reproducible composition
  • Polyligand: consistent with in vivo paradigm of cognate molecular interactions (i.e. mimics the natural immune system)
  • Massively Multiplexed: enables unbiased high throughput screening of targets and compounds
  • Human Samples: mitigates risk of false discovery by avoiding cell lines and animal models
  • Unique Profiling of the Altered Topology of Molecular Complexes: full characterization of the natural molecular system
  • Target Agnostic: unbiased identification of the most informative targets for next-generation diagnostics and therapies
  • Utilizes ADAPTamers™: signatures comprised of a particular library configured to detect or characterize a disease or condition