Using sophisticated disease profiling technologies along with advanced bioinformatics capabilities, Caris Life Sciences® is pioneering a new era in precision medicine. From our revolutionary blood-based biotargeting technology to our clinically actionable molecular testing offering to personalized cancer therapy, Caris believes that personalized and precise information is changing patient care. Our platforms include:

ADAPT Biotargeting System™ is an innovative and versatile unbiased profiling platform that identifies novel molecular targets to inform and enhance drug development and advanced diagnostics. Currently being developed for cancer and other complex diseases, the ADAPT Biotargeting System has potential applications spanning therapy development, drug delivery, diagnostics and disease monitoring.

Caris Molecular Intelligence® is a patented and proprietary molecular testing offering that examines the unique molecular biology of a patient’s tumor to help oncologists personalize cancer therapy. By comparing the tumor’s biomarkers with data from clinical studies from thousands of the world’s leading cancer researchers, we provide oncologists information about which treatments are likely to be most effective and which treatments are likely to be ineffective for each patient – enabling the delivery of precision medicine. Click below to learn more.