Caris Life Sciences® offers unique precision medicine services that are designed to maximize the chances of success for clinical trials and address many patient accrual challenges facing biopharma partners in the world of precision medicine.

  • Rapid Patient Identification: find the ideal candidate in real time through large scale tumor profiling and molecular matching
    • Trusted partner for oncologists
    • Patients often have advanced disease and are considering clinical trials
  • Physician Outreach/Clinical Trial Alert: peer-to-peer outreach to inform the treating oncologists about important clinical trial opportunities
  • Targeted Site Selection: trial locations pinpointed by profiling trends and biomarker expression patterns

Pharmatech — Just-in-Time Trials
Caris Life Sciences recently announced that it has acquired Pharmatech, Inc., a pioneer of the original Just-In-Time research system with the largest research-ready oncology network. With this strategic acquisition, Caris is changing the paradigm from the traditional physician outreach model to a real-time approach where patient identification is completed at the lab and the physician is informed so that the patient can be enrolled days earlier, and remain in the local physician’s care, without having to travel to a large central trial site.

Who is Pharmatech?
Founded in 1987, and based in Denver, Colorado, Pharmatech is an oncology focused site management organization (SMO) with significant experience in Phase I, II, and III trials. Pharmatech pioneered the Just-In-Time research system to prioritize patient treatment needs in the oncology research space and to deliver clinical trials as needed at the point of care within 10-14 business days. Pharmatech has a large oncology network in the U.S. including universities, hospitals, research centers and advanced community-based sites.

Pharmatech has made critical advances in research technology, enabling accelerated clinical trial enrollment, including:

  • Greater access to trials for patients with rare cancers
  • Clinical trials on-demand to meet patients’ immediate treatment needs
  • Integrating the latest molecular diagnostics to connect the right patients with the right trials
  • Proprietary IT platform, providing investigators instant access to a selection of clinical trials while reducing the administrative burden

What is Just-in-Time research?
J-I-T research is a rapid start-up/enrollment process where research sites screen for patients prior to activation. Using the J-I-T approach, Pharmatech can activate research sites on clinical trials within 10-14 days. The purpose of the program is to reduce the burden on research facilities, which allows them access to a larger number of potential trials when they have an eligible patient. This allows physicians at Pharmatech J-I-T sites to include clinical trials, not yet opened, in their treatment options for current and future patients.

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