Champions Oncology, Inc

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Champions Oncology, Inc. is engaged in the development of advanced technology solutions and services to personalise the development and use of oncology drugs. The Champions TumorGraft® platform is a novel approach based upon the implantation of primary human tumors in immune-deficient mice. Champions believes that these PDX models closely reflect human cancer biology and that their response to drugs is more predictive of clinical outcomes in cancer patients.

Champions provides Personalised Oncology Solutions, specifically:

  • PDX development and drug studies whereby physicians can evaluate the effects of cancer drugs on their patients’ personalised PDX tumour model.
  • Caris molecular profiling of patients’ tumor, enabling the patient and physician to better select treatment regimens that may be efficacious.
  • Global expert tumour panels for their patients, where medical records and test results are analysed to assist in understanding conventional and experimental options.
  • Creating Greater Certainty in the Fight Against Cancer