Financial Assistance​

Carrying the financial load of cancer care can be stressful at times. As part of the care team, Caris Life Sciences® is dedicated to ensuring that every cancer patient has access to the best possible treatment.

Patient Financial Burden

While most insurance plans cover Caris molecular testing, we have additional financial assistance programs that provide added financial flexibility for patients. Caris’ Compassionate Care Program assists uninsured patients who may not be able to afford out-of-pocket costs associated with our molecular profiling test.

Insurance Coverage

Caris Molecular Intelligence® typically is reimbursed by insurance providers, as well as Medicare. The cost will differ among the various Caris Molecular Intelligence offerings, depending on the tumor profile offered, and the number of biomarkers analyzed and technologies used. We will perform the services ordered and deemed medically necessary by a physician, regardless of our network status.

Treating Cancer Smarter

We help you find the best answers when you need them most​

Our Technology

We’re pushing the boundaries of precision medicine​

Clinical Trials

Caris helps patients access the best possible treatment​
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