Use molecular drivers of sensitivity and resistance identified with the ADAPT Biotargeting System or other technologies to develop custom diagnostic solutions and to optimize performance throughout the discovery, clinical development and commercialization lifecycle.

  • Blood-based detection of early disease
  • Molecular characterization of exceptional responders
  • Robust predictive stratification of responder and non-responder cohorts
  • Companion and complementary diagnostics to support regulatory and commercial success
  • Commercial launch

Mitigate risk in the drug development process:

  • Improve trial results by focusing on patients exhibiting favorable molecular phenotypes
  • Limit futile, adverse event risks by identifying molecular drivers
  • Accelerate timeline to approval with the right patient population and better study performance
  • Rescue failed or discontinued compounds by identifying molecular characteristics of exceptional responders and exclude non-responders
  • Prepare for performance-based reimbursement paradigm