Yoshi Hosohata - Caris Life SciencesYoshi Hosohata joined the company in 2007, and currently works as a Molecular Technologist IV for the company. Level IV Molecular Technologists demonstrate advanced technical skills in molecular testing in addition to delivering training, assisting employees with questions, and mentoring staff members.

The role of Molecular Technologists

“Molecular technologists at Caris perform testing on a high volume of patient samples, complete detailed data analysis, and maintain lab equipment. At Caris, we launch new tests every year, using the latest technology to ensure we maintain the highest lab quality. We have great teamwork in the lab allowing us to innovate every day.”

The Caris Impact

“Based on the year-over-year increase in patient sample volume, I would say that Caris is making cancer history. We provide high quality care for patients suffering from cancer, and the state of the art technology we use is a huge benefit for patients. We have the tools for personalized health care, and continually improve our system to meet our patients’ needs.”

Yoshi Hosohata with Team - Caris Life SciencesAbout why Yoshi is passionate about his role with Caris, he says, “I work for patients in the fight against cancer. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I lost my mentor to lung cancer. I feel like Caris is the place to be to assist in finding a cure for cancer. I am so grateful to work here; Caris has the potential to improve healthcare for everyone.”

On the challenges and rewards, Yoshi says, “Working hard for patient lives is rewarding for me. The most rewarding aspect of my role is when I successfully obtain data from a precious sample. The challenge can be balancing speed and accuracy in the lab, but we are all well-trained technologists capable of producing important data in a timely fashion to serve our patients.”

Yoshi and Team - Caris Life Sciences