Tonya Quester - Caris Life Sciences Sr Sales DirectorTonya Quester joined Caris in 2012, and has been a highly successful Senior Sales Director in Oncology.

About her passion for working at Caris, Tonya says, “What makes me passionate about Caris is the fact that I am providing an incredibly valuable service to physicians. Too often, physicians will blindly select treatments which means patients are receiving therapies that may not be effective against their disease. Caris Molecular Intelligence® can help the physician personalize the treatments for the individual patient.”

What steps does Tonya take to educate physicians about the value of our service? “Physicians have extremely busy lives and it is very hard for them to keep up with all of the current changes in the molecular profiling arena. I work very hard to stay current with all of the data including the treatment options evolving around biomarkers. My goal is to be a valued resource for my physicians. New information and insights are constantly available for me to educate physicians.”

Tonya Quester (center) with Caris Life Sciences Sales TeamAbout the challenges and rewards that come with her role, Tonya says, “One of the biggest challenges is access to treating physicians. More and more offices are closing their doors to all sales people. So, you have to find new ways to get in front of the customers. Once you accomplish this, you have to sell them an intangible service. You may encounter physicians who are not ready to take the leap and try a service that may take them outside of their comfort level. When you do have an opportunity to engage a physician in a discussion on how Caris Molecular Intelligence® can help them better define and personalize their patient’s treatment options; it can be very rewarding. And the most rewarding part of this role is when a physician uses Caris Molecular Intelligence® to personalize a patient’s therapy and you hear how successful the treatment was for the patient and how it was a therapy the physician may not have thought of giving the patient. And that is my driving motivation behind working for Caris. That is why I am out here every day – to help educate physicians on our service and ultimately help patients.”

About the possibilities of a career with Caris, Tonya says, “Caris is not standing still. We will continue to offer the latest and greatest molecular profiling service on the market.” Candidates should know, “This is probably one of the most exciting and challenging sales position. We are in a time when we are changing physicians habits to use a service that they may not have been trained to use; a transformation in personalizing patient’s treatment options is happening now.”

And about the impact we are making in healthcare for patients,“We know that no two cancers are alike and because of that, the ‘one size fits all’ approach to treating patients with cancer therapies is a thing of the past. There is a need for treatment options to be personalized for the individual patient. Caris offers the most comprehensive molecular profiling service on the market.”