Rhiannon Halliburton - Caris Patient NavigatorRhiannon Halliburton joined Caris in 2010 as a Clinical Laboratory Assistant, and as a result of her dedication and performance, was quickly promoted into the Client Services group. Currently, Rhiannon leads the Patient Navigator function for the company where she is responsible for educating patients and families affected by cancer about their options with Caris molecular profiling.

About her role and the impact that the role has in the lives of patients, Rhiannon said, “I am the Supervisor of Patient Navigation at Caris. As Patient Navigators we are able to assist patients who are advocating for themselves in gathering information prior to testing. This empowers them with the information needed to discuss testing with their physician. Once testing is ordered, we are the Caris contact for any patient. They can call us at any time to ask questions about the testing ordered and any billing concerns. We are here to help them through all aspects of molecular profiling and I think they appreciate having an assigned Patient Navigator who is familiar with their case to speak with.”

What makes Rhiannon passionate about Caris?

“I think everyone has been touched by cancer in their lives and we know how scary that can be for all involved. Working directly with our patients allows me to offer one of the most important aspects of healing, and that is hope. When the correct therapy is utilized for a patient, they get time; this time allows them to see a new grandchild, attend a graduation, spend time with family members. I am so grateful that what we do is so impactful to the lives of our patients and their families. I wake up every day knowing I am lucky to do what I do and I try not to forget that.”

About the impact Caris is making in healthcare for patients, Rhiannon says, “Due to the business that we are in, we must constantly evolve and that constant evolution is helping to assist physicians in making the most up to date and clinically relevant therapeutic choices for their patients. We are constantly on the cutting edge of cancer care, and we understand the outcome that has for patients. Nothing is more important than to remember why we are here – for the patient.”

What should potential candidates know about Caris?

“Any potential Caris candidates should know that we operate in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment. Any candidate must possess flexibility, willingness to be in a constant state of learning and the acceptance to be taught. This is one of the hardest jobs a candidate may encounter, but I believe it is also one of the most rewarding experiences.”