Peggy Teresi - Caris Life SciencesPeggy Teresi joined the team in 2013, and after a series of promotions based on business needs and performance, she assumed the responsibilities of Histology Supervisor. As a Histology Supervisor, Peggy is responsible for demonstrating advanced technical skills in histology in addition to providing leadership, delivering training, assisting employees with questions, and mentoring staff members.

What is Histology?

“Histology is a branch of biology that studies the microscopic anatomy of tissue cell structure in animals and humans. There is a long list of tasks that Histologists perform which includes:

  • Gross dissection: describing the specimen size, features, and consistency at intake,
  • Processing the specimen with chemicals and paraffin to preserve the tissue,
  • Microtomy sectioning: cutting the tissue into thin sheets to adhere to microscope slides,
  • Treating the specimen with antibodies, reagents and stains so that the Pathologist can see the specimen under the microscope.

A large portion of time is dedicated to IHC (Immunohistochemistry). IHC is a staining process that identifies specific proteins and hormone receptors in a patient’s tumor.

Peggy Teresi in Background with Team - Caris Life SciencesAbout the impact Caris is making on healthcare, Peggy says, “Most of my experience has been in a traditional production or hospital setting lab, and this is my first time to work for a company like Caris. Caris is impressive in that the company consistently brings new testing to panels based on evidence and new scientific data. We introduce new antibodies, technology, and cutting edge science to truly create personalized treatment options. Each patient is different and each cancer is different, and our service provides more data to physicians to treat the disease.”

Peggy says that her role with Caris is rewarding, “I know every case is another patient we can provide hope for. I lost a friend to cancer in June. Everyone knows someone affected by cancer, and it is rewarding to be able to offer patients cutting edge insights and answers to open up options for treatment.”

Employee Development

“Caris is the only place I have worked that invests so intentionally in employee development and continuing education. Opportunities for continuing education are readily available to help employees maintain certifications. Caris offers onsite courses and workshops which means that I don’t have to worry about taking too much time away from my personal life to coordinate my continuing education.”

Peggy is passionate about her role in healthcare, “I have always been interested in healthcare and the healthcare system. The work I do is so interesting, it could really satisfy as my hobby. Histology provides me daily exposure to chemistry, biology, and anatomy. Additionally, it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate hands on technical skills in the laboratory.”