Jim Abraham - Caris Life SciencesAs VP of Software Development, Jim Abraham leads a high performing team of cross functional developers and programmers. This team is responsible for fueling the technological engine to provide data and reporting to our laboratory, pathology team, and clients. Jim joined the company in 2004 working in data entry, and was quickly promoted into the field services team where he traveled to client sites providing technical support and hardware builds. Jim leveraged a combination of training opportunities, mentorships, his own ambition and performance to achieve a series of promotions spanning from Developer, to Manager, to Director, Senior Director, and currently – Vice President. 

Jim says that his passion for the business is based on the products that we build to help patients. He says, “The culture at Caris is unique and results in developers connecting deeply with the solutions we provide. We build intelligent, innovative systems that connect patients and experts with answers to their questions in ways that allow oncologists to provide more informed treatment solutions to their patients. Knowing how IT plays a role in this is a source of passion and pride. Everything we do here is to improve healthcare and quality of life, and that is very easy to become enamored with.”

What Jim expects of his team can be translated to any group at Caris. He says, “It is not enough to just know your core competencies. You have to know the business, and understand how your role can help the end user to provide patient care. The employees in my group (Software Development) have to know the journey that the specimen takes through the lab to ensure that the solutions they propose and create are applicable to that journey. There are many development jobs that simply require the developer to build a program and then move on to the next assignment. Our Developers must understand how their product advances patient care, and they must be mindful of the end result.”

About rewards

Jim says, “We have an A+B spot recognition system used frequently (more information on the careers page) to reward teammates for special contributions, but the superordinate goal of improving healthcare is the biggest reward of all. It’s a special experience to know that the software we build enables Caris in the mission of improving healthcare for everyone. Working hard on a feature that allows our scientists to see patterns in data that have never been seen before in the scientific literature sticks with you and we get to work on these types of systems every day.”

What should candidates know

“Caris defines the cutting edge which requires everyone to continue to learn more, do more, and help the cause. Caris recognizes employees as the most important assets we have and investing in our employees is not optional. We hire the best and provide the resources they need to stay at the top of their game. Working here never feels like “work” because of the content of the job and the knowledge of our impact. I am proud, and my family is proud that I work for Caris Life Sciences.”