Jeanine Cervoni joined Caris in 2013 as the Director of Sales Training where she is responsible for developing, delivering, and managing the core curriculum for the field based sales team.

Caris - Jeanine Cervoni

Why Jeanine is passionate about working for Caris

“I’m passionate about working here because Caris is a company that is making a real difference in the world of cancer care. What we do here at Caris Life Sciences is to provide molecular profiling data that helps clinicians to provide precision medicine, and if I or someone I loved was battling cancer today, I’d want them to know about Caris Molecular Intelligence testing. Our testing is the game changer in the course of managing the disease for many patients by helping to identify and sequence therapies of potential benefit that otherwise might not have been considered. Obviously there are other companies that offer profiling of tumor tissue, but Caris is not just a platform of tests, we are a comprehensive service that provides only the highest quality information. No other company in this field has the breadth of support services for both patients and clinicians. I feel a lot of pride when I tell others who I work for and what we do as a company and I know I’m not alone in feeling passionate about what we do every day here at Caris and excited about the future of the company.”

About the investments in training

“Caris brought me on board to educate and train the internal employees and has also brought on others in Marketing to ramp up our direct-to-customer and patient education. Molecular profiling is a constantly evolving space with new data coming out every day that is changing the way cancer is managed. As such, it has become even more critical that anyone working in this arena stay abreast of the latest and greatest information in order to give the best testing, services, and care that can be provided. But in such a busy world, staying at the forefront of this complex landscape and knowing how to interpret it all, is sometimes a challenge. Caris realized this need and has invested heavily into helping to meet the demand for keeping both our employees and external audience educated. We have created a new rapid learning portal for our employees and are enhancing our external portals and social media sites as well.”

The impact Caris is making in healthcare for patients

“Caris Life Sciences is helping patients find hope, when they’ve seemingly run out of options. With multi-platform molecular profiling these patients may find options they didn’t have before and can potentially avoid the unnecessary toxicities of receiving a drug that lacks benefit. Cancer patients are some of the most knowledgeable patients in the world because they do their research to find out what opportunities are out there that can help them. Caris is one of those opportunities.”

Jeanine Cervoni teaching class at Caris

What should potential candidates know about Caris?

  • Great work environment – small ‘family’ environment where we are all working here because we want to be and want to be a part of the success. Therefore we’re all able to contribute across functional areas and our input is welcomed!
  • The senior management is very involved – how many employees actually get to meet with their owner on a regular basis. Mr. Halbert is in the office every day working as hard as we are to see his vision become reality.
  • It’s one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have simply because of the complex nature of profiling but it is also one of the most rewarding.