Blake Taylor - Caris Life SciencesBlake Taylor joined Caris in 2009, as a Pathologists’ Assistant, and based on Blake’s technical and leadership abilities, he was promoted into a position responsible for managing the Pathologists’ Assistant, Accessioning and Medical Coding teams. At Caris, Pathologists’ Assistants work under direct supervision of our Board Certified Pathologists and are responsible for a variety of tasks including pathology report review, assessment of tumor areas, scoring of In Situ Hybridization testing, microdissecting material for molecular testing and preparing documentation for limited tissue panels.

Blake is passionate about Caris, because “Caris offers an exciting and dynamic environment on the cutting edge of cancer research and personalized medicine. There is a deep satisfaction in knowing the work we are performing is impacting patients in need and providing them with personalized treatment options that may have not been considered without Caris Molecular Intelligence testing.”


“The most rewarding aspect of being a leader is seeing other team members develop. There is a lot to learn as a new employee at Caris. It is rewarding to see team members advance through training to experienced team members that contribute greatly to the day to day operations here at Caris. The most challenging aspect for being a leader at Caris is balancing the special projects and advanced tasks among a very talented team. We have a talented and driven team who are all capable of stepping up to challenges assigned to them.”

Blake Taylor with Coworkers - Caris Life SciencesRegarding his expectations for the team he manages, Blake says, “I expect our team members to be productive while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Every specimen we receive has a patient behind it waiting on our results and hoping for encouraging news. For this reason, it is very important to provide both timely and accurate results. It is also imperative that our team members be receptive to change. Caris operates a forward thinking business model focused on continuous improvement, which means that employees are expected to be receptive to and embrace change.”

About the impact Caris is having on healthcare, Blake says, “We are offering patients and physicians personalized treatment options when multiple therapies have either stopped working or have proven to be ineffective. At Caris, we are able to offer personalized molecular testing designed to offer treatment recommendations targeted at the patient’s unique tumor profile.”

About career progression, Blake says, “High performing employees have a variety of career paths at Caris. Within the Pathologists’ Assistants team, as experience is gained there are opportunities to level up in the Pathologists’ Assistant role, as well as, supervisor and manger opportunities. Team members often work very closely with other departments here at Caris. This cross functional interaction can lead to opportunities within other departments for high performing employees as well.”