Autumn Worthington - Caris Life SciencesAutumn Worthington joined the company in 2010 as a Specimen Processing Clerk in the laboratory, and based on her performance and demonstrated skills, was promoted to a leadership position supervising the Specimen Processing team.

Autumn explains Specimen Processing, “Specimen Processing is the start of the testing performed in the lab. Every physical specimen received by the company is run through our department, and it is our responsibility to ensure that all elements required for a case are present before testing begins. We then run the information through two quality checks before we even begin to work with the specimen. We can’t take a risk and assume that we have received the correct specimen for a patient, or guess at what testing a physician might be interested in. Our processes ensure that we are taking the most care possible when handling our patients’ cases.”

Autumn Worthington w/ Coworkers - Caris Life SciencesAbout why Autumn is passionate about her role with Caris, she says, “I take great pride in being a part of a company that looks to the future while keeping our daily purpose very clear. It’s very exciting to be on the edge of new technologies that can open up so many possibilities and provide new answers to our patients. Patient care is at the forefront of all we do and I feel privileged to be part of making people’s lives better.”

Making an Impact

Autumn says that Caris is making an impact in healthcare for patients, “We are taking the next logical step in medicine by creating personalized testing profiles to support how diverse we are as individuals. The information and resources that we provide the physician can give a patient hope, and maybe a little bit of control in a situation that can be so overwhelming. Knowledge of your options is a powerful tool when overcoming any situation, and battling cancer is no exception.”

Rewards and Challenges of a Leader

“One of the biggest challenges we face is to continually encourage the evolution of our processes in our department. We are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency, allowing us to improve the way we do our job. Promoting a culture of continuous improvement, while also providing a sense of stability for the team can be complicated at times. However, it can be very rewarding to see everyone rise to the occasion and make something that might seem impossible, actually work. That is, to me, an indicator of my success as a leader.”

When asked about what Autumn expects from her team, she says, “Everyone on my team needs to be present and focused. We do a job that revolves around the smallest details and if we are not paying very close attention, a serious misstep can be made. It is vital to keep in mind that we are here to do what is best for our patients and to take all functions seriously.”