No two tumors are alike. Therefore, it is imperative to have the most advanced, personalized treatment assessment available when making decisions. Caris Molecular Intelligence® can identify biomarkers in your tumor that provide invaluable information on whether your tumor may or may not respond to specific drugs or clinical trials.

The word “biomarker” can refer to many different compounds in the body that indicate something about your health. When people refer to cancer biomarkers, they are usually referring to proteins, genes, and other molecules at the genetic and molecular level that affect how cancer cells grow, multiply, die and respond to other compounds in the body. One potentially promising use of biomarkers today identifies therapies to which a particular patient’s cancer may or may not respond. Caris Molecular Intelligence can identify the biomarkers in your tumor and provide a list of cancer drugs that might be of clinical benefit. This information may be a powerful tool to help your physician make more informed treatment decisions in your fight against cancer.

Molecular Profiling Overview