Caris Molecular Intelligence® uses multiple tumor profiling technologies to decode cancer. This technology agnostic, panOmic approach allows our medial teams to more fully understand the biology of the tumor – and therefore help oncologists better plan their attack.

  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC): determines level of protein expression
  • in situ Hybridization: detects gene deletions, amplifications, translocations and fusions
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS): rapidly examines and more broadly detects DNA mutations, copy number variations and gene fusions across the genome
  • Sanger Sequencing: examines strands of DNA to identify mutations by analyzing long contiguous sequencing reads
  • Pyro Sequencing (PyroSeq): detects and quantifies mutations, methylation, etc. through sequencing by synthesis
  • Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR): amplifies and quantifies a targeted DNA molecule
  • Fragment Analysis (FA/Frag. Analysis): detects changes in DNA or RNA to indicate the presence or absence of genetic marker

Chart showing success rate of identifying agents with and without clinical benefit