Advanced Genomic Solutions – Beijing and Shanghai

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) is a personalized medicine company that specializes in novel and innovative diagnostics testing services to help optimize patient care. Headquartered in Central Hong Kong, AGS’ technology includes pharmacogenomics— the study of genetic factors that influence an individual’s response to drug treatments—as well as molecular health diagnostics services for oncology and health and wellness genetic testing. AGS is the exclusive authorized distributor for Caris Life Sciences in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Our tests are designed to help:

  • Increase chances for treatment success with medications most appropriate for a patient’s genetic profile
  • Decrease adverse side effects from inappropriate treatments and medications
  • Decrease hospitalizations time
  • Decrease additional financial costs to the patient and insurance companies due to less than optimal treatment and medication decisions


CMAA is a United States based company that focuses on bringing the diagnostic and therapeutic technologies of precision medicine to cancer patients in need in China with our efficient, professional and personalized services. CMAA not only shares excellent relationships with top cancer hospitals in the US, but has also gained a good reputation in several Third-Grade Class- A hospitals and co-built several International Consultation Centers in China. CMAA specialized in the oncology field for many years, and takes advantage of precision medical technologies to provide comprehensive services for Chinese cancer patients. CMAA aims to provide professional, consecutive, comprehensive, comfortable, and high quality services for all Chinese patients.